Friday, 8 March 2013

Let's play a game!

Connect 4
Click on the picture to play the game.

Healthy Eating

Hi Everyone,
I know you have been learning about eating healthily in Year 2.
Post a comment to tell me what you have eaten today.
Don't forget to tell me which food groups your food is in.
Have you eaten a balanced diet, or have you missed one of the food groups?
Bye for now,


Hello everyone!

I'm Sparky. I love to learn, don't you?

It would be great if you would come to visit me and share what you've been doing at school and at home.

Sometimes I might ask you a question, give you some homework or even show you a game you might like.

Don't forget the rules though:

· Always use kind words;

· Never post anything more than your name;

· Remember your teacher will check your comments before Sparky can publish it!

For your first time on our blog, let's just chat.

Tell me something that you like, but don't forget to say why you like it!